Friday, January 29, 2010


Before Christmas, I knitted about 15 scarves for gifts.  I was getting so fast that I could whip out a scarf in a few evenings.  All of the scarves I made for gifts this past Christmas were made with eyelash yarn, but I made about every color you could imagine.  Some were sparkly and others were not. 

I made three of the Ohio State scarves below - one for my daughter, one for my sister-in-law who works for OSU, and one for my mom who was preparing to head to the Rose Bowl.  I guess the only person that got left out was me, but that seems to always be the case - moms always take care of everyone else first.  I also made my daughter a similar scarf that was sparkly blue and orange (our high school's colors) for her to wear at my son's sporting events.

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Cyndi said...

Are you from Ohio or just like OSU? I live in Ohio North of Dayton.


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