Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm Still Here - With a New Winner (see bottom of post)

Have you ever had one of those weeks????  Mine started last Friday evening - I chaired an event for 300 six - nine year old Girl Scouts in our school district.  I made my daughter come help me pull it off. :-)  I was so exhausted by the time it was over, but they seemed to have a good time, learned something, and I pulled it off in less than a month (the previous chairs backed out at the last minute, so I stepped in so the event wouldn't be cancelled).

When I got home, I was babysitting my niece the rest of the evening and next day.  I forgot how much energy it took to keep up with a two-year old.  Luckily it was bedtime when she got there, so her parents put her down before they left.

Sunday was Mother's Day.  I had a fabulous day.  I made "noodle lasagna" in my slow cooker to take up to my mom's house.  We spent most of the afternoon visiting with her and then my grandmother.  My kids gave me just what I asked for (of all things, I wanted a whisk and a potato masher - don't ask), and hubby ordered Chinese take-out for dinner.  I got to relax in my PJ's the rest of the evening.

My daughter came home Monday with the bridge of her violin broken, and, of course, her final concert was this week.  I spent Monday trying to find an instrument shop that could repair it "in house", so she would have her violin back before the concert on Thursday.  I did find one, and the concert (and her trio) was wonderful last night.

My Girl Scout troop had a meeting on Wednesday.  We are finishing up some badges that we had started and not ever finished before we move up to the next level.  Our art teacher was going to work with the girls to make 3-D paper art (to be placed in shadowboxes), but she cancelled Tuesday afternoon.  CRICUT TO THE RESCUE!!!  My co-leader and I are both pretty crafty.  I brought my Cricut and she brought some items, and we pulled it off.  My troop was being honored in the evening for earning their Bronze Award this year, so we took the girls out for pizza and then headed to the ceremony.  Whew - what were we thinking???

I will post some pictures of some of the girls' creations this weekend.  It's the only crafting time I've had this week, and I spent all of it cutting things out for the girls.  I do have some projects I need to "get hopping on" though, so I'll be back to posting soon.

I hopped online this morning and found out that I was the winner of a Cricut Expression from Joy and Melanie at Everyday Cricut!  A big thanks goes out to both of these talented ladies, as well as ProvoCraft for the great prize.

FINALLY, I still have some blog candy looking for a new home.  I chose a new winner this morning.  The winner of my blog candy from this post, chosen by is:

paperscissors said...

i became a follower after checking out your creations! i love the cleaness of the designs and how you decorate the envelopes and the inside of the cards!

I will try e-mailing you.  You have 2 weeks to contact me with your mailing information, so I can get the blog candy out to you.  Congratulations!

Hopefully, life will start to calm down a little ~ not likely though until school's out.  It seems like the end of school is a "see how much we can pack in" time of year.  Hope life is treating you well and you have time to enjoy all the fun things going on around.


Ohhh Snap said...

Major Kudos to you for stepping in so the event wouldn't be cancelled. Please tell the troop I'm so proud of them for earning the bronze! BTW, I believe protocol still says to pin the highest award you're earned next to your girl scout pins until you earn the next one then the bronze would be moved down under the the bridging icons. (I bought DD the biggest vest possible so she could wear it till she's an adult and over jackets lol).

Fi said...

Woo Hoo on your Expression win, sounds like you needed a bit of good luck for the week.
Have Fun

paperscissors said...

whew! what a week, your head must still be spinning with all the last minute rescues!!! many successes along the way and an expression! congrats to you and me as you picked me as the lucky recipient of your blog candy! i have emailed my details, my sincerest thanks and enjoy the weekend!


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