Saturday, May 28, 2011

British Fascinator

It's the most, wonderful time of the year!  That's report time.  It seems like the last month of school is packed with one project after another. 

My daughter recently had an International Fair project.  They each had a different country, had to do a report, make a display, present it to the class, and then present again during an open house for the parents.  During this "showcase", they could earn extra credit on their project for bringing food from their selected country and by dressing up in traditional clothes.

My daughter had England as her country, and as luck would have it, England has been "on display" because of the royal wedding.  Fascinators (hairpieces rather than the traditional hats) have been making a comeback in England, so she had to have one.  Mom to the rescue!

Almost all of my supplies were purchased in the wedding department at Hobby Lobby.  The green flowery/feathery center was actually a hairpiece/pin that I attached to a headband.  The crystals were already on wires and the ribbon was looped around.  It was all put together with a hot-glue gun in less than an hour.

Other than her saying that the feathers and ribbons tickled her, she adored it and asked for more in different colors.  That's a pretty big complement coming from a "tween" (in fact several of her friends asked if we could make some more).

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