Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Rhinestone Tee

Today was my daughter's first cross country meet.  I definitely needed some "school spirit wear" for the occasion and as I looked through my closet last night, the only spirit wear I found said wrestling.  When I was at the high school football game last week, there were some moms wearing rhinestone tee's that caught my eye.

OK, what's a mom to do the night before?  I had leftover rhinestone's from THIS PROJECT and a plain black t-shirt in my closet.  Put that together with a graphic from the internet and word processor, and here's what I came up with.

Perfect, if only it hadn't been 95-degrees!  Whew ~ it was hot out there today!  What was I thinking with a black shirt??? 

If you read my blog regularly, you know my daughter dances.  Cross country is the complete opposite spectrum from dancing, but she has seemed to enjoy it so far.  Even so, I knew today would be tough; they just found a coach for the team 2 weeks ago (and he's a bit "green" in the running department), so they were going into their very first 2-mile race with less than 2 weeks of practice.  And, did I mention, IT WAS HOT!!!

Hot AND dusty.
My daughter's goals for the day were to finish the race and not come in last.  She accomplished both.  Next up, finish without walking. LOL!  We're so proud of her, she accomplished what she set out to do today.  Now it's just about making little improvements each time. 

Hope you have a great holiday weekend & find some time to do some crafting of your own!

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flowerdisco said...

good luck to your daughter, and it only can get better :)

lovely t shirt. weather will get cooler, so you will be ok :)


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