Thursday, December 4, 2014

Knit Baby Blanket

In the past year, I have been doing much more knitting than paper crafting.  It's more portable - I can throw it in my bag & take it anywhere which is a bonus as I always seem to be "on the go".  

I also moved, so a lot of my paper crafting supplies are still in boxes as that doesn't seem to be high on the priority list of unpacking.  

I'm going to be posting some of my "kreations" over the next few days.  I didn't keep good notes (or if I did, I've misplaced them in the move), so I may not have a lot of the details for you.  I wanted to at least show you what I've been up to & that I'm still around. Lol!

First up today is a blanket I made for my cousin's new daughter, Regan, over the summer.  It was knit with Bernat Baby Blanket yarn in the Peachy color.  The yarn is polyester.  It is thick & squishy - perfect for snuggling under or lying on top of on the floor.

And the colors are so bright!!  It is such a unique combination of orange, pink & fuchsia.  It's just beautiful!  

The knit pattern I used was the Corner to Corner Seed Stitch Blanket which was on the skein of yarn.  I used US 11 circular needles to knit and the blanket was knit on the diagonal.

Enjoy!  I'll be back again tomorrow with another project to post. 

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