Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My son has really "clicked" with his new wrestling teammates.  He has started a running joke among them, and many of them now call him Superfish ~ it's a long story.  Anyway, for Christmas, my son received a black t-shirt with a blue Superman logo on the front of it.  The first thing out of his mouth was that he wanted to put Superfish on the back of it.

The blue logo on the front was not one that I thought I would be able to match with iron-on letters, so acrylic paint and my Cricut to the rescue.

I cut the "superfish" word at 1.5" from the shadow feature of Plantin Schoolbook font onto vinyl.  I put the vinyl onto the shirt to use as a template.  I used acrylic paint and covered it very lightly to "seal the edges" so paint didn't seep underneath.  Once that was dry, I gave it two more coats of paint.  Once they were all dry, I set it with the iron.

Voila!  Simple.  And one happy teenager.


Val said...

That is awesome!! Your shirt turned out really well, great idea:)

Staying Crafty said...

How wonderful! I'm sure he really appreciates it :)

Inspired2cook said...

Great job on the shirt! I"ll have to try that for my kids!


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