Monday, January 17, 2011

Wrestling Banners

The "wrestling moms" got together at the beginning of the season to "do some decorating" for the boys on both the middle and high school teams. In the cafeteria of each school, we hung a singlet for each wrestler with their name and weight class on it.

One of the moms made a singlet template and then we used the Cricut for the names, numbers and wrestlers. The wrestlers came from the Sports Mania cartridge, and I can't remember which font we used for the letters and numbers.


Kerie said...

OMG I love this... my son is a wrestler and this would be a great progect to do for the next home match... well which is this Thursday, HMMMM wonder if I have enough time ~ LOL
Thanks for sharing!!

just2ducky said...

How awesome are you moms to do this? I am sure they loved it. :)

Val said...

That is so creative!! I love it


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