Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ms Bright Side Award

I am the lucky recipient of this great blog award.  This award came from Fern over at Fern's Creations From the Heart.  I love Fern's blog; she puts great details in her scrapbooking layouts.

There are some rules for accepting this award.  The rules are:
  1. Give a top ten list of things that make you happy
  2. Give a top five list of trivia about myself
  3. Share the award with five people and ask them to do the same
  4. Link the blogs you choose and link the blog of the person who gave it to you
10 things that make me happy (in no particular order):
  1. My family
  2. Singing silly songs with my kids (or to them ~ they think it's a little weird now that they're older)
  3. Making cards for people
  4. Receiving comments on my blog
  5. The girls in my scout troop
  6. Cheesecake (and how that's my son's favorite thing I make)
  7. Seeing my children succeed
  8. Spring flowers
  9. Quiet dinner out with my husband
  10. Noisy dinners in with the whole family at the table (so hard to do with active kids and their schedules)
Trivia about me:
  1. I married my high school sweetheart.
  2. I'm a closet computer game addict.
  3. I don't facebook or tweet.
  4. I graduated college with a degree in music education, but most people don't know that because I haven't taught for over a decade now.
I would like to pass this award on to the following wonderful bloggers who always inspire me, have great words of wisdom, and who simply share fabulous tips to make me a better crafter.
  1. Cindy at Crazy for Crafting
  2. Leanne at Created by Leanne
  3. Deanna at Deanna's Papercrafts
  4. Greenbean at Greenbean's Crafterole
  5. Katherine at Shimmy Bean Creations
Hope you take a minute to stop by some of these great blogs.  Thanks Fern for the award!  Have a great day.


Leanne said...

Thank you sooo much of honoring me with this award! You have made my day! I will get it up and posted just as soon as I can! Thanks again, Leanne

Cindy McVey said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the award! If I can be "Ms. Bright Side" in jsut one persno't life each day, that makes me happy and it makes me very glad that I started my blog. Thank you for thinking of me!


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